Brown Silk Trench

I have had this brown coat with a matching sleeveless dress for years.
It has been a great "go to" outfit for many occasions. Too often we buy
an outfit and always wear it the same way. So I decided to wear it in
a new way.

Seen here as the "outfit", I decided to use purple as an accent color.
I chose a python bag for its great texture and a pair of Pucci pumps
with a fun harlequin pattern. Adding a little sparkle to a pearl choker
I twisted in a lavender rhinestone necklace. 

When I spotted this metallic woven skirt I was excited about all
the style possibilities. I decided to use the brown trench as a way
to frame my story and pull the gold textures from the skirt and
work a Chanel theme. Using a simple brown turtleneck as my
background, I loaded up on vintage gold chains, small pearls and a big
medallion. I chose to balance the weight of this look with wine velvet
platform peep toe pumps.

Take a look at "outfits" and think of new ways to wear the pieces.
Use colors and textures to help guild you to create a look. 
Be deliberate in what you want your statement to be and have impact.