I was fortunate to attend a dear friend's surprise birthday fête last weekend.
The setting, a spectacular Spanish Revival Colonial home was the inspiration
for my attire! I knew I wanted to create an outfit around my Zara beaded
"Bolero Jacket."

The dress is a fabulous Charles Chang-Lima long ribbed column with leather
piping and a thin long leather belt wrapped several times with little brass beads
on the ends. Anticipating that we may be outside on the grass, I wanted to
wear a shoe that would be comfortable and appropriate. I chose a favorite;
Guess cork wedge with long black cotton ties.

The accessories continue a Moorish/Spanish feel, and upon a second
glance, an ethnic and handmade quality can be observed.
– A small hammered brass cushioned shaped bag
– A twisted black and gold shaped dome ring
– Christian Lacroix patterned gold toned disk clip earrings
– An intricately flexible cuff with seed shaped gold beads

It is always fun and helpful to have an inspiration for your ensemble.

To see how I wore this Bolero Jacket last year, I invite you to visit my 
archives (Bolero Jacket).