Back to school

There are times when certain images bring you back to a special place.
When I found this Prada skirt I felt an immediate connection, yet I couldn't
figure out what it was at the time. I love the colors, the slim silhouette
and the chic yet traditional style. But there was something else that
felt familiar...

The face of the skirt brought me back to the wonderful
gargoyles that adorned the Tudor Gothic architecture of
my high school. When I realized what I had stumbled
upon, I decided to play off the motif of the gargoyle with a
twist of whimsy. I chose a crisp white Zara blouse, vibrant
blue cashmere cardigan and these fabulous Mui Mui shoes
with a floppy satin bow. I love how each of these elements
are playful yet classic. 

Here is one of over 100 gargoyles from the Emma Willard School. 

These Prada sunglasses have a wonderful swirl that
related well with the scroll work in the gargoyle design.

Prada skirt and sunglasses, Badgley Mishska Couture
emerald cut aquamarine earrings, Balenciaga cashmere
cardigan and Mui Mui shoes all available at
Neiman Marcus, Paramus, NJ.