Investment Pieces


Back in early October, I attended a beautiful Fall wedding in NYC.

The outfit needed to work for an afternoon ceremony and then transition to an evening celebration.

As I pulled items from my closet and began to style this outfit, I realized each piece was purchased many years apart!


This Carolina Herrera silk plaid beaded coat I found on sale 10 years ago and continues to be a great novelty piece.  The shoes are Jimmy Choo bridal. I had them hand dyed in deep purple for a party 7 years ago. I found the YSL silk sheath dress marked down 60% last Spring.

Even though they were purchased years apart, each piece works beautifully together. Building a carefully curated collection over time is the best investment you can make in your wardrobe. Sure, it is fun to go out and shop for a new outfit (if you have the time, patience and budget), but, there is nothing more satisfying than shopping your closet and bringing old favorites together in new ways.

Investment does not have to mean expensive. Make a time investment to identify what pieces work for you and make the right choices with those items in building a solid and useable wardrobe.