La Dolce Vita

I have a philosophy about building a wardrobe. Create a strong foundation of classic pieces that fit and flatter your figure and you can wear year after year. Then invest in novelty pieces, those special items that speak to your heart and express your personal style. Lastly, play with trends by sprinkling them into your core collection to make you feel current. All the items I am wearing in this blog post fit my approach.

Classic black sheath dress and black peep toe sling backs - a staple I always have in my closet. Elbow length black leather gloves - elegant and quite handy in cold weather months. Vintage YSL satin belt with black jet buttons - novelty and forever being used in new ways. Giambattista Valli - leopard coat is a very special novelty piece that I will be reinventing in many ways for seasons to come. Herve Van Der Straeten - these 2 bold gold cuffs are truly modern, yet the hammered finish has a Byzantine timeless feel. Cat eye sunglasses - a fun retro trend.

How I decided to style this???? I guess I was dreaming about Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" as my inspiration!!