I was so excited to finally wear white with this Roberto Cavalli animal print.
The jacquard pattern crop pants created a subtle weight that gave a nice
balance to the bold pattern of my jacket. A neutral strappy platform sandal
is quiet and allows the eye to travel up to the main event. A structured
clutch adds that "pop" of color and summer fun.

For my jewelry I chose two "accessory zones" to play with. With my hair
worn off my face, I thought that these gorgeous Elizabeth Rand earrings
would be perfect. The design has a strong tribal feel which works well
with the leopard pattern. The gold mesh with turquoise and pearl bib
necklace is a vintage piece. I purposefully tucked it in the jacket to just
give a hint of color and texture to the outfit. 

See how I wore the Cavalli jacket here: A Walk In The Park